Miami-Dade’s Democratic resurgence

(Via Daily Kos.)

Of 85,532 new registered voters in the south Florida county, 56,175 were Democrats, only 9,313 were Republican. That is, 66 percent of new registration were Democratic, only 11 percent were Republican (the rest were third party and ‘no party affiliation’).

Even more incredible is the shift in the Latino voter away from the GOP. Of the 45,881 new Hispanic voters, only 7,236, or 16 percent, registered Republican. 25,907, or 56 percent, registered Democratic. The ranks of registered African American has grown by over 10 percent. And sure, Republicans picked up 80 of them, but another 22,035 of them slotted in with the Democrats.

Now, lets put this hanging-chad thing behind us, OK?

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iPhone Password Prompt Fixed

It looks like Apple has fixed my only real usability complaint with the iPhone. The password prompt was difficult to use because it was hard to tell if you’d pressed the correct key.

In this screenshot from the WWDC 2008 keynote, notice how the last character entered is shown in the prompt for a brief moment before being obscured:


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Greg Brown’s $1500 Shoes Would Fit Right In

When Greg Brown was CEO of Micromuse, the stock was tanking, layoffs were a quarterly occurrence, and he once famously said that $1500 would barely cover the cost of his shoes. Even the other fat cats in the room thought that was excessive.

Now Greg Brown is running Motorola, and they’re coming out with $17,0000 bluetooth headsets. Some people never change. And I predict he’ll run Motorola with as much skill as he ran Micromuse…

More Proof that Motorola Is in the Doo-Doo [Goodbye Moto]

(Via Gizmodo.)

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Get a Replacement Device and Lose all your DRMed Purchases


>Microsoft Has No Answer For Their Broken XBOX Live DRM [Drm]

>Reader Kevin’s XBOX 360 suffered the usual Red Ring of Death, so he sent it in to be repaired. He got back a different XBOX 360 with a different serial number. That would be no big deal, except Kevin has purchased a bunch of content through XBOX Live… content that is no longer fully functional due to Microsoft’s broken DRM.

This is typical of the problems with DRM and why law abiding consumers are the ones who suffer from DRM. If you purchase content that is tied to a particular bit of hardware, what happens if the hardware fails and you’re sent a replacement?

Now, obviously, it is absurd that Microsoft does not have a mechanism in place to deal with this. But, why should we even have to deal with it at all. Can you imagine if your replacement record player no longer played any of your records? Or you got a new VCR and it wouldn’t play any movies you’d purchased?

If nothing else, this demonstrates the customer relations expense (both financially and in good will) that DRM brings.

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Post from Fedora 8

Fedora 8 comes with this nifty little “Post Blog Entry” application.

Nice, but it assumes that all WordPress blogs are in a subdirectory named “wordpress” on the server. There’s a way around it, but still.

Anyway, lets see how this goes…

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