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London Copyfighters, Podshow Mashup

We have a tradition, started by Cory Doctorow, of gathering once a month to have brunch, talk shop, and then go and rant at people about copyright, patents, and whatever else strikes our fancy.Afterwards, a couple of people where going to a meeting of UK podcasters…. So, I made an idiot of myself by gushing a bit (but not too much), and talked to a few people about copyright issues that might affect them.Flickr stream here. Continue reading

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Fun with Hollywood

Now, when someone sneaks into a movie theater with a video camera to steal their precious, the camera picks up the watermark and, when it is eventually transfered onto a DVD and sold, the DVD players will “hear” the watermark and refuse to play the disk.So, the fun I’m thinking of is carrying around an old style boom-box, you know, like one of these…. when studio executives discover that many of their blockbuster new DVDs are being returned because they won’t play.(and before anyone writes, yes, I know most movie dialog gets re-recorded in a quiet studio and I’m really not advocating sabotage. Continue reading

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Scotch Bonnet Burns

So,It turns out that you can actually get chemical burns from certain hot peppers. :)I came home from the chili fiesta with three scotch bonnet peppers. Continue reading

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Chile Fiesta

It is a magical event where idiots, myself included, come from all over the UK to eat the hottest chillies they can find.There are stands where people sell chilies , salsa, chile plants, and various hot sauces with “death” in their title…. Of course, that didn’t stop me from buying a bottle of this stuff.Actually, the nice thing about the fiesta is that there’s lots of small producers with homemade or homegrown products. Continue reading

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Back From Italy

We went to Italy last week and now we’re back…. I won’t go into the gory detail, but suffice it to say they decided to send us on an 8 1/2 hour bus trip to Milan when they canceled our flight, rather than route us through Florence or Rome. Continue reading

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