Post from Fedora 8

Fedora 8 comes with this nifty little “Post Blog Entry” application.

Nice, but it assumes that all WordPress blogs are in a subdirectory named “wordpress” on the server. There’s a way around it, but still.

Anyway, lets see how this goes…

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2 Responses to Post from Fedora 8

  1. Andy Dixon says:

    Woo! Fedora 8 users of the world unite!

    I’m trying out the latest Firefox 3 beta, which seems to work pretty well (iPlayer works but still won’t go full screen). I like the smart bookmarks, and the automatic searching of previous address bar entries.

    Bring on the RC, I say.

  2. Mark says:

    Grr. Don’t get me started on the iPlayer. 🙂

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