Is George W. Bush a Copyright Criminal?

In a Washington Post article dated Friday, December 16, 2005, available online at, President Bush is asked about the music on his iPod.

President Bush is quoted as saying, in part, that one of the artists on his iPod is The Beatles.

As you may know, none of The Beatles songs are available on the iTunes Store or on any other online music store. The only way to get them onto an iPod is to copy them from a Beatles CD.

Jennifer Pariser, Sony BMG’s the head of litigation, recently testified, when asked if it was “okay if a consumer makes just one copy of a track they’ve legally purchased. She said no — that’s “a nice way of saying, ‘steals just one copy.'”

So, it seems the position of Sony BMG is that George W. Bush is a thief. I wonder when they’ll file the lawsuit.

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