Sony Pictures Puts Down the Gun from its Head

It seems that Sony Pictures have decided to initially ship Blue-Ray titles without using the capability of the Blue-Ray player to downsample analog output.

This means that people who bought HD ready TVs in anticipation of watching high-def movies, but whose TVs don’t have the latest HDCP copy protection will still be able to watch them at full HD resolution.

Now, this is being reported on Slashdot as “Blue-Ray won’t use…”, but if you actually read the original article, it’s only Sony-the-movie-studio doing this. The players and discs will still have the capability to do this, so if other studies want to cripple your television to stop the big bad pirate boogie man, then they can.

But still, at least Sony, perhaps having been bitten once by the anti-consumer problems of DRM, has realized that giving people less is a bad way to sell them new stuff.

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