Remember 9/11 Bush Says. I Certainly Do.

So Bush wants us to ‘remember the spirit of 9/11’ and how we all were united.

In other words, he wants us to stop calling him names.

Well, I remember 9/11. Even though it’s mostly been edited out of the collective consciousness, I remember Bush sitting on his ass, dumbstruck, impotent, and out of the loop when he was told about the hijacked planes.

I also remember Bush going missing for two or three days after the attacks. It’s because there’s a credible threat against the President, we were told. Of course, we later find out the White House made it up (Washington Post).

So, yes, just like 9/11, Bush sits on his ass doing nothing while the country is threatened. In 2001, he was reading a children’s book. In 2005, he was playing a guitar.

Just like 9/11, Bush is nowhere to be seen for days afterwards while the country wonders where their President might be hiding out.

Just like 9/11, the Bush White House makes up stories about the reason for Bush’s lack of action. In 2001, it was because he was hiding from evil terrorists (while Dick Chaney somehow was safe in the White House). In 2005, it was because, oh well, take your pick: “They never asked us to help” or “Shucks, nobody could have predicted this would happen”, etc. All lies.

Of course, unlike 9/11, this wasn’t a surprise. I’m 1500 miles away and I knew the storm was going to turn north and strengthen. I knew that disaster planners had worried about the New Orleans levees in the face of a major hurricane. I knew there was going to be a massive rescue and recovery operation required.

How did I know? Well, I read the National Hurricane Center reports. I looked at the new media reporting on the possible consequences of a major storm hitting New Orleans. Like the one the New Orleans Times Picayune published in 2002.

But, perhaps I should forgive Bush. After all, I forgot that Bush doesn’t actually read much news.

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